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We work for a better everyday life for the students.

Oslo Metropolitan University, often referred to as OsloMet, places a significant emphasis on fostering a vibrant and inclusive student democracy within its campus community. The institution recognizes the importance of student participation in shaping not only their educational experience but also the overall university environment.

At OsloMet, the student democracy encompasses a range of structures and activities aimed at empowering students to have a voice in various aspects of university life. One of the key components of this student democracy is the Student Parliament, which serves as the main representative body for students. The Student Parliament consists of elected student representatives from different faculties and degree programs. These representatives voice the concerns, suggestions, and feedback of the student body to the university administration and decision-makers.

The Student Parliament at OsloMet work every day to make the students voices get heard in cases that involve us. We work to make sure the student life at OsloMet get better, both socially and academically. Are you interested in what we do?

Please feel free to contact us any time (office hours 09-15):

E-mail: studentparlamentet@oslomet.no

Office adress: Pilestredet 52, room A-120