The Student Parliament Election

Would you like to be part of representing the students at OsloMet when important decisions are being made? The Student Parliament Election Meeting are held every spring. If you want to join the Student Parliament you can do that in October every year. If you want more information about how to get involved between these meetings or Wonder when and where they are send us an e-mail at:

All students at OsloMet are eligible to run for these positions:

  • Student Parliament
  • The Executive Committee of the Student Parliament
  • The University Board
  • The Committee of Appeals
  • The Suitability Committee
  • The Student Parliament Control Committee
  • The Learning Environment Committee
  • The Education Committee
  • The Research and Development Committee
  • The Student Parliament Election Committee
  • The Cultural Events Committee
  • The Board of Appointments
  • The Committee of the OsloMet-funds for Student Unions

The Student Parliament Election Committee recommends candidates to several of these positions. In the process prior to the election, the Election Committee will be available to answer questions about the different positions and the election process. The Election Committee only gives out information that is relevant for all candidates, and does not support individual candidates. All members of the Election Committee are bound by confidentiality, and you can talk to them about both your own candidacy and others’ candidacy. In the weeks prior to the election, the Election Committee will evaluate candidates based on candidate forms, interviews, case assignments, the Sofa Talk and references.

You can reach the Election Committee here: