The Student Parliament

If you have any questions about committees or would like to get involved, please contact us at, or visit us in person at our offices at Pilestredet 52, room A119/A120.

The Student Parliament at OsloMet comprises 28 elected representatives, drawn from each of the four faculties, ensuring diverse and comprehensive representation. As a valued member of the Student Parliament, you not only articulate the viewpoints of fellow students within your faculty but also play a crucial role in advocating for the perspectives of international students.

Our commitment extends to voicing the concerns and ideas of all students to the institution’s board, which attaches considerable significance to student input when shaping pivotal decisions.

You can easily access the list of The Student Parliament members on our website.

The Student Parliament serves as the collective voice for the entire OsloMet student community. Thus, pivotal determinations are made on behalf of fellow students, and choices are made regarding the prioritization of pertinent matters.

The Student Parliament and other parts of the student democracy holds sway over major fundamental issues at the university.  It influences budget allocations, governing regulations, and the selection of students to represent us in diverse boards, councils, and other echelons of the student democracy.